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Why PCBA manufacturing contractors become more and more popular

 Speaking of electronic foundry materials (also known as manufacturing contractors) business, we first think of some of the giant business! For example, Apple, HP, Lenovo; they like to outsource the entire manufacturing business. Thus creating, the world's most famous PCBA package of materials foundry business - Foxconn. All along, the electronic PCBA foundry business is mainly concentrated in the scale of production outsourcing business, is the inevitable choice of large-scale electronics companies; due to the scale of foundry materials for the bulk of the product requirements are relatively large, which makes many small and medium enterprises Using this model to solve their own supply and supply problems, but in fact it is difficult to do.
However, in recent years, foundry business has become more and more popular. The market gradually appeared for a lot of small batch production business foundry materials. And the traditional high-volume EMS foundry different materials, these new generation of foundry services have the following obvious advantages for small and medium enterprises:
1, start the threshold low
If you want to do on behalf of the foundry materials generally have to bulk requirements, in the bulk is not big enough, but also accompanied by additional management costs, frequently million. Come on, foundry industry has gradually emerged to abandon the practice of the signs, basically in accordance with the customer's BOM list to add a reasonable fee, or ladder offer. And no longer use the additional management fees that make customers feel uncomfortable.
2, low volume requirements
Do product production and processing from the quantitative, we all know. However, the previous product from the quantitative hundreds of thousands, the best also a few hundred, which makes a lot of products in the early products can not be used in this form. And the recent, PCBA foundry market, there are 10 sets of contractors can also do business package form. This greatly reduces the bulk threshold, making a lot of electronic products from the completion of the design can be directly into the standby state, effectively shorten the production cycle.
3, the service content is comprehensive
Early foundry materials business, many foundries do not have the upstream manufacturers sourcing function. Customers are given the material, often also need to find their own suppliers, after the completion of consultation into the OEM manufacturers. Now a lot of PCBA foundry service has been able to help complete the management of all suppliers, more convenient and fast.
There is no doubt that small and medium enterprises need to be described above as foundry business. This can effectively reduce their operating costs and procurement costs. At the same time, greatly shorten and reduce the risk and cycle of supply chain links, in order to quickly meet the market demand, to win market opportunities to create more effective conditions.
Therefore, the electronic PCBA processing industry foundry materials (contractors package material) to become a new trend, but also a necessary result.
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