Printed Circuit Board Assembly

PCB Assembly

What's PCB Assembly

 PCBA is the abbreviation of the English Printed Circuit Board + Assembly, that is, the PCB board board after the follow-up SMT chip package or DIP plug-in process after the state, generally also contains the relevant PCBA test. PCBA is an electronic manufacturing needs, that is, customers have a design program, delivered to the PCBA processing manufacturers will be able to receive a complete PCBA board, the customer only need to receive PCBA board after the program firing and shell assembly, that can form a corresponding The product. Therefore, PCBA is the core of many electronic products.

PCBA design documents to comply with international norms, is conducive to manufacturers to clearly understand the relevant manufacturing process requirements, to prevent the blur caused by the wrong production, in addition to PCBA manufacturers in-depth understanding of the product design is conducive to targeted to adjust the production process, but also conducive to the final The quality of the reached. PCBA design files generally include: PCB file, GERBER file, PDF location number map, electronic version of the controlled BOM file, PCBA model and other special process requirements and remarks.

PCBA production process must follow strict international standards, in order to ensure the PCBA board mass production consistency, the yield control in the expected range. For the international standards of PCBA, it is important to mention the most widely used IPC-A-610E electronic assembly acceptance criteria. It is the basic guide for all inspectors, managers and trainers, demonstrating the acceptance of process conditions in the electronics manufacturing process.
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