Printed Circuit Board Assembly

PCB Assembly

The general characteristics of FPC Assembly

 General FPC assembly product type, will be designed into the following representative types:
1. Single-sided FPC
2.Single - sided double sided assembly FPC
3.Double sided FPC
4. Multi-layer FPC
5. Hard and soft combination board
6. Partial reinforcement support soft board
Designers for these types of soft board selection, must have a clear understanding, it will not produce improper application options. When the soft board structure type is selected, how to make good use of such soft board assembly characteristics to play the best soft board performance, is the soft board product application is the key to success.
General soft board application considerations Baohuan: function, cost, reliability, construction efficiency, space applications. Good FPC design can cost, improve functionality, save space, these factors should be used when considering the factors.
In terms of functional considerations, such as: circuit class cable design, assuming the use of soft board to replace the weight can be reduced by 50%. The use of soft board design of electronic products, you can have the following benefits.
1. performance aspects
Components have a relative movement needs, the soft plate can provide high cycle deflection of the kinetic energy link;
Parts assembly can be carried out in the plane, and according to product demand bending assembly with the appearance;
You can restore the flat state for maintenance;
Can effectively improve the efficiency of the structure;
2. Costs
FPC can reduce the traditional cable assembly burden, may save assembly costs 20% to 50%;
Can be fixed contact and the direction of connection error, simplify the inspection, debugging, heavy industry;
Compared with the cable can be omitted tangent, stripping, processing joints and other complicated operations;
Compared to the PCB size stability, the soft board requires more process control, tools, measurement and other tolerance control. Soft plate of the polysulfide resin material, the same price than the same area of ​​hard board material much higher, but the addition of soft board may reduce the use of hard board and cable links. The use of flexible board allows product integration easier and reduce parts, terminals, contacts, while improving product reliability.

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