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How to choose the appropriate programming method for the product in PCB Assembly Service

Smart wear equipment, Bluetooth module, car electronic key, tire pressure monitoring system, electronic cigarette ... ... these hot industry and products in our daily life plays an important role, we take a look at the program is through which way "Carry" into the chip.
The process of "handling" to the internal memory space of the chip is called burning, and the way of burning is generally divided into offline programming and online programming. Different ways of burning will affect the factory's production process, tooling and fixture design.
1, the cost of investment
Off-line burning: through a variety of adapters compatible with different packages of chips, chips and adapters used in order to achieve the program burn. The adapter itself is a precision fixture, different chips, different packages need to use a different fit seat. Now the use of a wide range of chips such as Emmc package BGA, QFN and other small, flat direction, and this type of package adapter price is not low.
Online programming: online programming using the standard communication bus chip, such as USB, SWD, JTAG, UART, etc., the interface is relatively fixed, the need to connect when writing the pin is also very little. And because the interface communication rate is not high, the use of ordinary wire can not produce high consumption.
2, the production process
In the production process, offline programming and online programming will bring a more obvious difference, as shown.
Offline, online burning mode comparison
Off-line burning are required to match the precision fixture, if the production test found an error, the production backtracking re-amendment, you need to remove the chip down, and then follow the established process to go again, the cost of manpower and material resources, The cost is higher. In the normal production, there are many additional factors, such as PCBA because it can not be high temperature, in the process of removing the chip is easy to deformation, virtually increase the risk of scrapping.
Online programming itself is through the connection to the program to burn, if the production test when found to be wrong, and immediately can be back on the wrong PCBA, to re-come once, save a lot of manpower and resources, low cost, high efficiency.
More importantly, the production line is also to the development of automation, more and more manufacturers will ICT, FCT and other functional testing machine added to the production line, the use of automatic fixture with online production mode can be omitted in the burning stage Manual operation, paste directly after the burn, and then PCBA sent to the test machine test, the entire production process fully automated, can greatly improve production efficiency.

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