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How chip capacitors will evolve in future

 The "evolution" of chip capacitors has been evolved since its inception, and now it has evolved into a basic component with a huge market, and its application is becoming more and more extensive as the capacitor grows. So what do you want to see about future chip capacitors?
       First of all, miniaturization is a big trend, in the performance of the guarantee, the chip capacitor package will certainly be smaller and smaller, such as the current mainstream package has transition from 0603 to 0402. While Murata Manufacturing has even produced a 01005 chip capacitor. And the future will appear more than 01005 package smaller high-precision chip capacitors; Second, the future of the chip capacitors will be the majority of the chip to the direction of production. Because the chip inductor capacitance is almost zero, the total inductance can be reduced to the inductance of the component itself, usually only the traditional capacitor parasitic inductance 1 / 3-1 / 5, self-resonant frequency up to the same capacity of the lead Capacitor is more than 2 times; Finally, the high frequency is also the future trend of chip capacitors, with the electronic products on the frequency requirements are getting higher and higher, and the signal and its higher harmonics caused by noise correspondingly higher Of the frequency range, the corresponding high-frequency performance of the chip capacitors put forward higher requirements.
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