Printed Circuit Board Assembly

PCB Assembly

Differences between PCB and PCBA and Future Development

 PCB is what we call the circuit board circuit board, the PCB drawings into a circuit board circuit board called PCB. In the PCB empty board through the SMT (patch), paste the board of the required components, called PCBA. Has been posted on the components of the board, just assembled a good shell, debugging a good program, a complete electronic products on the production completed.
According to the survey found that many small and medium-sized electronics manufacturers, in order to save in the procurement of PCB back, but also to contact the patch manufacturers trouble. More and more manufacturers of electronic products, will choose to PCB manufacturers in the production of PCB processing chip, or let the patch manufacturers instead of PCB procurement. These two models, electronic products manufacturer, get the hand of the circuit board, you can directly use the assembly to produce finished products. Many manufacturers can only produce PCB, unconditionally on behalf of the processing PCBA, will lose the need for contemporary processing customers. Such customers choose to have the ability to add the manufacturers at the same time, or choose the patch factory, so that chip factory procurement PCB. Maybe many people will ask why the SMD PCB can be purchased, and PCB factory why not contact the patch factory. Patch manufacturers PCB procurement is a very simple thing, only need to allow customers to provide production drawings and production processes can be. And the PCB market price is very transparent, easy to purchase, while the PCB manufacturers due to a variety of components and products do not understand the price. It is difficult to contact the patch factory for SMD production, can only put all the focus on the production PCB above.
Since 2009, PCB manufacturers, but also gradually in the production of PCB at the same time, the expansion of plant, increase PCBA on behalf of the processing line. This step in place, has been recognized by many manufacturers of electronic products. This kind of contemporary processing of the way that there are advantages and disadvantages. On behalf of the processing plant in the profit margins increase, but at the same time the risk is also increasing. Mainly due to the procurement of components for the customer on behalf of the procurement, each kind of electronic products are not the same components, even if the same product, the design of the drawings are not the same, the use of components are not the same. If the parts of the procurement model error, the board and components will be scrapped at the same time. Directly caused by the economic losses, it is difficult to estimate. The increase in human and material resources is also inevitable. In the market under the pressure of competition, PCB and PCBA contemporaneous processing is inevitable.
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