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BOM of PCB Assembly

 BOM(Bill Of Material), a simple definition that "records the product composition required to use the material form." It is not only a technical document, or a management document, is the link between the various departments and communication. In the PCB copy board process, BOM list of production is a key link, this part involves the follow-up components of the procurement, involving the PCB board of various functional modules, but also related to the final PCB cloning board welding and debugging. Because this list includes the original PCB board all the components of the relevant parameters and specifications, is the copy board and design an important part. In general, the BOM list is mainly used for the procurement of components in the process of model cloning. Only the electronic components purchased from the BOM list can be accurately welded to the PCB to complete the cloning process of the entire circuit board.
      BOM form specific application:
      1, is the basis for computer identification materials.
      2, is the basis for the preparation of the plan.
      3, is the basis of supporting and picking.
      4, according to its processing process tracking.
      5, is the basis for procurement and outsourcing.
      6, according to its cost calculation.
      7, can be used as a quote reference.
      8, for material traceability.
      9, so that the design series, standardization, generalization.
      Shenzhen RayMing not only has a wealth of electronic components testing, selection experience, through data query, circuit analysis and other means, you can quickly and accurately identify the components of the model and related parameters, and has a professional-level precision measurement equipment, Mark clearly visible in the device Under the premise of customers can provide standardized, complete information on the list of components (BOM single), for customers to save a lot of manpower and cost, speed up the production process of the product.
    RayMing professional BOM inventory production services, not only standardized, complete information, and high efficiency, accuracy, and can quickly determine the list of procurement and production plans, cost estimates and estimates, can copy and design process series, Standardization, to maximize customer competitiveness.
RayMing BOM List Making Service Advantages:
    1, coverage: For more than 98% of the current market products, we can provide you with BOM inventory production services, we provide the BOM list types include: Engineering BOM - EBOM, plan BOM - PBOM, design BOM - DBOM, manufacturing BOM - MBOM, maintenance BOM - WBOM, purchasing BOM - CBOM, customer BOM - CBOM, cost BOM - CBOM, sales BOM - SBOM, production BOM - MBOM etc;
    2, efficient: fast for you to produce all kinds of BOM list, do not delay your any production plan to protect your interests;
    3, accuracy: BOM list is the production and management of the main material basis, we guarantee that you do 100% accurate.
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