Printed Circuit Board Assembly

PCB Assembly

2017 PCB Assembly Service Plays an Important Role in Berlin International Consumer Electronics Exhibition

Range of exhibition
    PCB Assembly Servicein TV and entertainment: TV, online consumer electronics, MP3, DVD, set-top boxes, video recorders, monitors, projectors, digital cameras, audio and video carrier;
    PCB Assembly Service in Digital imaging and digital music: digital cameras, camcorders, video, video and recording, processing, transmission, playback, hi-fi equipment, sound systems, home theater accessories, mobile media, communications equipment and telecommunications equipment, DAB receivers, cars Telephone and fax machines and accessories, navigation systems, automatic alarm system;
    PCB Assembly Service in Personal computers and games: hardware, accessories and peripherals, software, system software and effective procedures, multimedia applications, online software, communications software, commodity information systems, financial software, game control panel;
    PCB Assembly Service in Personal communication: mobile phone and online services, home network, wireless devices, remote control and remote sensing devices, home small shopping malls alarm device, recording system recording device, surveillance equipment, household appliances monitoring, timing and remote control equipment, automatic control of data System and so on;
    PCB Assembly Service in SNC satellite, network and cable: terminal, network, telecommunications, transmission and reception equipment, production equipment, interactive media and data storage providers, broadband network supply infrastructure, satellite service equipment, measurement equipment;
    PCB Assembly Service in Audio and car media: audio systems, car audio, high fidelity, automotive multimedia, navigation systems, mobile media devices.
Introduction to the exhibition
     Germany Berlin International Consumer Electronics exhibition, referred to as IFA, by the German Entertainment and Electronic Communications Industry Association (gfu) and the Berlin International Exhibition Company (MesseBerlinGmbH) co-sponsored. The exhibition was held in the early twentieth century, two years, held regularly in Berlin, has been 70 years of history. Since 2005, it has been changed to one year. The exhibition is the latest display of all kinds of home appliances consumer goods, represents the latest trends in the development of consumer electronics industry, Europe and the world's consumer electronics, communications and information technology products, one of the most important international exhibition.
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